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Ifeanyi Okereafor, Deputy Editor & African Affairs and Human Rights Lead

Ifeanyi recently completed his studies at the Nigerian Law School to become a Barrister and Solicitor. He now currently practises in Nigeria. He is also an avid writer and a commentator and analyst of African politics, economy and law. 


Ifeanyi graduated with an LLB from the University of Essex in 2016, as the media and publicity officer of the Commercial Awareness Initiative. Ifeanyi has garnered other experiences from his time working at the High Court in Abuja, Nigeria and with Aegis Group, where he was a junior financial analyst of the Nigerian financial sector. Ifeanyi has also written a yet to be published book on ‘the wounds of an African Child’ which covers the many ills that the African Child has been faced with. 

In his spare time, Ifeanyi is an avid football fan and player, plays the piano and loves to cook.


Ifeanyi has his own dedicated page for Newell Legal, titled "Ifeanyi & African Politics". 

Facebook: Ifeanyi Okereafor


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