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Jonathon B. Shilling, Contributor: Political & Social Commentary

Jonathon is a graduate of Cambridge School of Art with a BA(Hons) in Computer Games & Visual Effects. Predominantly from a creative background, he is looking to develop his journalism and writing skills, as well as utilise Newell Legal as a professional outlet for his politically-focused writings.


For Newell Legal, Jonathon will be contributing towards covering news from the UK, lending his layman’s perspective and opinion of the potential repercussions of such events for everyday people, as well as how the ever-changing moods of the people may affect politics. He will also contribute pieces relevant to the technology and entertainment industries, focusing on the often quieter flip-side of the “glitz and glam”- in keeping with the political and law focus of Newell Legal.

Jonathon has his own dedicated page for Newell Legal, titled "Jon's Political Musings". 




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