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Jon's Political Musings

Although I am less qualified in politics and law than other members of the Newell Legal team (having a primary focus on art/design and the creative industries), developments within UK Politics, and the effect that following governments have had on the country and the lives of everyday people (2010 onwards with the Conservatives-Liberal Democrat Coalition), my personal interest and views of UK Politics has grown and developed as I have also matured. 


For note - as I will be voicing my own opinions at times - I would state that I fall in the “centrist” section of the political gradient; not an outright left-wing nor right-wing supporter, but straddling the line between both on multiple political aspects.


For Newell Legal I will be generally covering news stories from the UK, whilst simultaneously lending my “less qualified,” outsider/layman’s perspective and opinion of the potential repercussions of such events for everyday people, as well as how the ever changing moods of the people may affect politics and politicians. This may seem somewhat redundant and convoluted in idea, but in practice, it will give a solo representative voice to the general populous who don’t know the ins-and-outs of law and politics, yet have researched enough to bolster and back-up their own thoughts and views. Someone like myself writing for the blog will also - hopefully - draw up constructive conversations for, and equally, against such opinions I may write, as one way to learn and develop is to constructively converse topics and issues, and given the rise of social media and modern communication, the opportunity for open discussion is more readily available then ever.


My particular interests in politics lie with the reactions of key global and national events by politicians, and the media's varying coverage on the such stories.

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