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A Christmas Message From Newell Legal

Dear Reader,

This year has been eventful. There have been numerous crucial developments in the world that we at Newell Legal have reported on. Such examples include: the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, the UK ‘Gay Cake’ case and the Supreme Court decision of Owens v Owens (which covered divorce grounds). We have also taken the time to provide general pieces on legal matters that are of general interest, such as: the formation of contracts and non-disclosure agreements. We hope that these pieces have been insightful and have been of use.

There have also been significant landmarks for Newell Legal in 2018. In the space of six months: the blog has been revived, we have created a new website (with the new Newell Legal domain), the team has expanded (it now includes: an editorial team, proof reader and independent contributors) and our viewership now covers 45 countries. This in turn has led Newell Legal to being nominated in the “Group” and “World View” categories of the UK Blog Awards 2019.

We would like to wish all of our readers a Merry Christmas, and for those who do not observe the holiday, a very happy festive period followed by an enormously prosperous 2019. We also wish to extend our thanks to our readers for their continued support throughout the ongoing changes that Newell Legal has undertaken in order to further develop. It is this support that gives the team the drive to continue posting and reporting on important issues which arise in our complex modern society.

We will endeavour to continue to report fairly and neutrally (aside from the occasional and explicitly marked opinion pieces) in order to facilitate discussion and allow our readers to be the instruments of change.


The Newell Legal Team

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