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About Newell Legal

Our Goals

Newell Legal is a not-for-profit organisation which primarily focuses on legal developments in the UK. Our goal is to raise awareness about legal developments and current affairs, and particularly, how they affect the general public. This, of course, requires consideration of both sides of the argument. Therefore, we look at both the positives and negatives. We are hoping to achieve this in a number of ways:

  • The Blog

    • Through the use of regular blog posts, we aim to bring important issues to the forefront of the minds of the general public with an in-depth exploration of those issues.

  • Our Facebook Page and Twitter Posts

    • We feel that social media is a powerful tool, which can bring about change very quickly. By incorporating our Facebook and Twitter accounts, we hope to highlight updates and recent news from leading journalistic establishments.​​

  • Live discussions via Facebook

    • Interactive discussions with our followers on a particular issue that is of vital importance. These will be announced a few days before we intend to have the discussion.​

  • Interviews

    • We hope to implement this at a later stage, with a particular focus on Ifeanyi's work to highlight the struggles that many in Africa face on a daily basis.​

Our History

Newell Legal was originally founded in August 2016, and was intended to be an ongoing project during Jake's BPTC year. The focus was going to be solely on legal developments in the UK, exploring both changes in legislation and recently decided case law, with Jake providing those updates with an opinion attached to each post. Whilst Newell Legal had its own Facebook page, it remained relatively quiet due to the time constraints imposed by the BPTC.

Newell Legal has previously reported, through contributors, on a variety of issues including: legal developments on an international level, political developments, updates within the economic and finance sector and also provide insight in particular into political and human rights issues in Africa.

The Editorial Team (found here) are tasked with the overall running of Newell Legal as well as publishing articles. They are supported by a group of "Contributors" (found here) who also write articles for Newell Legal on a voluntary basis.

We also welcome guest contributions. If you are interested, please do get in contact with us here.

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