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Newell Legal: Blog Awards Event

Dear Reader,

As previously announced, Newell Legal W are finalists for the UK Blog Awards 2019. We are one of four blogs competing in the “World View” category. To view the list of finalists in each category, please click here.

The Newell Legal team are delighted to announce that we are holding an event for the UK Blog Awards Final. At this event, we will be live-streaming the final. This is open to all of our readers and writers to attend. The event will take place on Friday 12th April 2019, starting at 6pm and is free to attend. It will take place at UCL Laws' Bentham House, London: directions can be found here. To RSVP your attendance, please book your ticket at:

We would like to extend our thanks to you all for your continued support and for voting for us. This has allowed us to chase a fantastic opportunity and gives us the impetus to improve our work. It is your dedication and interest that motivates us to continue reporting on important issues (both domestic and international) which arise in our complex, global society.

We endeavour to report fairly and neutrally (aside from the occasional and explicitly marked opinion pieces) in order to facilitate discussion and to allow our readers to be the instruments of change.


The Newell Legal Team

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